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Access & Diversity Grant Program

The Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology are dedicated to providing high quality
training that is economical and accessible to all residents of Tennessee. In fulfillment of this
mission, we continue to seek ways to increase educational opportunities for underserved
Tennesseans, promote diversity in the school community and workplace, increase student
participation in non-traditional careers, and remove barriers for special populations to enhance
the success of all students.

To advance our access and diversity goals, a scholarship and grant program is available to
eligible students. The goals of this award program are to:

Recruit students in underrepresented groups or for non-traditional career training;

Retain currently enrolled students who are experiencing unusual economic hardships to complete their education without interruption;

Promote the value of diversity in the educational setting and in the workplace; and

Eliminate financial barriers which limit access to learning.

Funding Source and Award Amounts

An appropriation of $1,500 from the TBR Office of Access and Diversity will provide the
funding for this scholarship program. TCAT Dickson will award three scholarships from this

The grant may be used by the student for any cost or expense required to complete the
student’s educational goals including fees, books, supplies, tools, uniforms, transportation
costs, or living expenses.

Coordination with the Financial Aid Office

In awarding scholarships and grants, the institution will consider all financial aid resources
available to the student at the time of application. This review of the financial aid package will
ensure that the institution does not over award grants or exceed the cost of attendance and
enable a greater number of eligible students to receive awards.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the grant, a student must meet the following requirements:

1. Be committed to completion of the occupational program,
2. Understand the value of diversity in the school setting and in the workplace,
3. Have satisfactory progress and attendance,
4. Demonstrate appropriate worker ethics,
5. Receive a recommendation by the instructor, and
6. Complete an Application Form for review by school personnel.

Selection Process of Award Recipients

Program award recipients will be selected by the Scholarship and Grant Program Review Committee established for the institution. Composition of the Committee will include representation from faculty, student services, and administration.

The Financial Aid Officer will chair the program review committee and present the recommendations of the committee to the TCAT Director for consideration.The Director will make the final awards for all grants and scholarships.

Refund Policy

Should any student who receives an award withdraw from the institution, any eligible refunds will be processed in accordance with TBR Guideline TTC-080. Any refunded amount will be credited to the grant fund and/or appropriate account.